About Us

Brounstley Investments was established in 2012 to provide expert project management, marketing and realty services to its customers. Its aim is to provide value for money to its client base with a view to expanding the business rather than maximising fee income from each project. With a large portfolio of property listings and clients throughout Kisumu County, Brounstley Investments is prepared to fulfill all commercial real estate requirements.

Our people and culture are the basis of the company and collectively represent the experience, commitment and innovation on which the company’s performance and ultimate success lie. Brounstley Investments has a strong team culture, where working together across the business is considered fundamental to achieving results. We strive to attract and retain talented people while providing them with necessary tools and trainings to ensure they become effective, motivated and rewarded for exemplary performance.


We desire to be the partner of choice for anyone seeking to invest in real estate and wanting comprehensive management of their investment. We therefore examine our clients’ needs, take on board their aims and deliver practical, creative and effective solutions.