Why Brounstley Investments

Whether you are looking to buy, rent, or sell, you can be confident that Brounstley Investments can fulfil your desires through our comprehensive understanding of the market and the wide range of properties that we manage. Our vast and extensive knowledge of the Property Market enables us to find and negotiate the best offers from developers; giving our clients the best prices and best real estate services and acquisitions.

We also offer sound advice regarding investment opportunities to expatriates and/or locals in terms of residential, commercial luxury and premium property.
We satisfy every requirement, from individuals to corporates. Our agency has the most respected and highly experienced Kisumu property consultants which qualify us to competently handle resale and new properties in all the major places. Brounstley Investments offers a multitude of realty services to our clients. We have a large assortment of properties, including villas, apartments, townhouses and offices. We specialize in both commercial and residential properties.